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How to ensure your Christmas decorations help sell your property

Posted on November 29, 2019 at 3:35 PM

Putting your tree up this weekend? After all it is finally December 1st and we know many of us are desperate for a little Christmas cheer in 2019 and nothing helps more on these dark days then a few twinkly lights and a little sparkle here and there. So how can you achieve this whilst also trying to market your property to its fullest appeal.

Here are a few pointers to keep you on track:
1. Kerb appeal – think of a potential buyer asking “Can I see myself here next Christmas?” What would put you off? Use simple lights to brighten up the exterior for any evening viewings and maybe an elegant wreath for the door but don’t over do the fake snow and gaudy decorations.

2. Keep things in proportion – choosing a smaller tree can give more floor space and make a room look bigger. Choose a colour theme and try and keep it in line with your existing décor to complement the room. Avoid the chaos of clashing colours if you can.

3. Simplify things – you don’t need to display every Christmas card on every wall or surface. Place a few around so your home reflects that it is comfortably lived in and not a show home but be careful not to go overboard.

4. Maximise Christmas fragrances – smell has a massive impact when you walk into a property and we don’t always notice it in our own homes so take advantage of the fragrances of the season – use a real pine tree, light scented candles or use home made cinnamon and citrus decorations.

5. Make it cosy – if you have a fire, make sure you light it and use side lamps to your advantage to make your home welcoming on these long winter nights in all your rooms if you can.

Whilst we know December can be a quieter period for buyers in the run up to Christmas, those out there looking do tend to be serious so its worth going the extra mile to show off your home to its best advantage at this time for any viewings you may have.


How to ensure your Christmas decorations help sell your property

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